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By partnering with clients in their strategic thought process, RPR has been a leader in helping clients tell their story to targeted markets. What differentiates us from our competition are the people that work at the agency. Richmond Public Relations has a staff of highly motivated and creative individuals. The collective skill sets, media contacts and motivation to do great work are what retains clients and helps to generate new clients. We are a boutique agency with big agency capabilities.

The foundation of our PR methodology is in listening to our clients’ needs. It is important to evaluate the historical basis of the public relations strategy to date and determine the effects of that communication. Once this “media audit” is complete, we are able to better determine a direction based on our knowledge and expertise and further expand the public relations goals and strategy.

1. Develop a concise understanding of the client and project

2. Set objectives and goals that are mutually agreed upon between the client and RPR

3. Create a media strategy and develop tactics

4. Build a comprehensive media list

5. Execute the plan

This simple, yet sophisticated strategy allows us to be better prepared and capable of achieving great results.


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